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The Phantom of the Opera

??/??/02 ~ Madrid, Spain: Juan Carlos Barona (alt), Julia Moller (alt), Zenon Recalde (u/s). Performed in Spanish. One camera proshot! Not amazing quality but it's still really great! Performances are wonderful as well.
Rating: A-

3/13/05 ~ Shanghai: Brad Little, Marni Raab, Jarrod Carland. Highlights of Act One only, unfortunately, running nearly 38 minutes. It includes Overture, Hannibal (incomplete - from the beginning to "he does so well opposite La Carlotta"), Think of Me, Angel of Music (mostly complete), The Mirror, The Phantom of the Opera (nearly complete), Music of the Night (incomplete), I Remember / Stranger Than You Dreamt It (from Marni waking up in bed until "secretly, secretly"), Prima Donna and All I Ask of You ("what was that" to the part where Raoul twirls her around after they kiss, then Brad's reprise ending with "the phantom asked of you," and finally a brief shot of the chandelier crashing). Awesome Quality!!!! Marni is so amazing <3 My first Christine!
Rating: A+

10/1/05 ~ Broadway: Hugh Panaro (Last), Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason, James Romick (u/s), George Lee Andrews, Anne Runolfsson, Marilyn Caskey, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Kara Klein. Full show including pre-show announcement and Sandra’s curtain speech. Really excellent capture with the mezzanine bar and a few heads now and then. Hugh is wonderful! My first Phantom!
Rating: A+

12/28/05 ~ Essen, Germany: Thomas Borchert (Phantom ), Sandra Danyella (Christine Daaé alt.), Nikolaj Alexander Brucker (Raoul Vicomte de Chagny), Eberhard Neitzel (Monsieur Firmin u/s), Ulrich Wand (Monsieur André alt.), Laurie Anne McGowan (Carlotta Giudicelli), Daniel Brenna (Ubaldo Piangi), Gabriele Ramm (Madame Giry), Annabel Knight (Meg Giry). Fantastic capture of the show! Some heads occasionally get in the way and there is slight washout but the closeups are fantastic! I love the cast too. Performed in German.
Rating: A-

*1/22/06 ~ Pittsburgh, PA: Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard (alt), John Cudia, Kim Stengel, John Kuether (u/s), D. C. Anderson, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, John Whitney, Kate Wray, Michael Gillis (u/s), Michael McCoy (u/s). Shot from 3rd row of the left orchestra. Excellent dvd! Very good closeups and steady filming. Act I starts at Christine's Think of Me and Act II starts a bit into Masquerade. Also includes Point of No Return-curtain call from the 18th with Marie Danvers as Christine! One head that gets in the way at times but is not an issue at all. Some of the show is blindshot. Last screencap is from the 18th. 
Rating: A+

2/25/06 ~ West End, London: Matthew Cammelle (Standby Phantom), Rachel Barrell (Christine), David Shannon (Raoul), Wendy Ferguson (Carlotta), James Barron (Firmin), Sam Hiller (Andre), Annette Yeo (Mme Giry), Rohan Tickell (Piangi), Heidi Ann O'Brien (Meg Giry) Shot in widescreen format.
missing: part of Rooftop scene and Point of No Return. Almost proshot quality! Excellent show!!!
Rating: A+

4/6/06 ~ Dallas, TX: Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard (u/s), Jim Weitzer, John Jellison, D.C. Anderson, Kim Stengel, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, John Whitney, Kate Wray. 2 camera video edited, curtain calls, and full cast credits. As close to a pro-shot as you will get. Great picture, great sound, great video overall! The screencaps are much worse than the actual vodeo.
Rating: A

6/5/06 ~ US Tour/Kalamazoo - 
Phantom (John Cudia), Christine (Sarah Lawrence alt), Raoul (Jim Weitzer), Kim Stengel, John Whitney, Bruce Winant, DC Anderson, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, Kate Wray, Michael McCoy (u/s). John Is absolutely phenomenal! I Like Sarah a lot as well! 
Rating: A
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7/15/06 ~ Essen, Germany: Uwe Kröger (Phantom), Beatrix Reiter (Christine), Lucius Wolter (Raoul), Ernst van Looy (Firmin), Fernand Delosch (Andre), Laurie Anne McGowan (Carlotta), Daniel Brenna (Piangi), Gabriele Ramm (Madame Giry), Annabel Knight (Meg Giry). Amazing quality! Great closeups and nice sharp colors. Performances are great aswell.
Rating: A+

8/30/06 ~ Las Vegas
10pm Show: Brent Barrett as Phantom, Sierra Boggess as Christine, Geena Jeffries Mattox as Carlotta, Tim Martin Gleason, John Wolfe, Lawson Skala, Rebecca Spencer, Brianne Morgan, Larry Morbitt. Sierra is an absolutely perfect Christine. The whole cast is superb. Quality is a bit fuzzy..but it's watchable.
Rating: B+

*5/12/07 ~ Broadway: Gary Mauer, Jennifer Hope Wills, Michael Shawn Lewis, David Cryer, George Lee Andrews, Patricia Phillips (u/s), Kris Koop (u/s), Jimmy Smagula (u/s), Heather McFadden. Shot in widescreen.Begins at end of auction but difficulty getting a good shot until right before “Think of Me”. Act Two begins in the middle of Masquerade. Multiple, moving heads in the way, most noticeable on the Rooftop. Curtain call is included. I really like the quality of this DVD! Jennifer is my favorite Christine! Gary is great as well!
Rating: A-

8/2/07 ~ Washington DC: John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills, D.C. Anderson, Bruce Winant, Laureen Vigil (u/s), Rebecca Judd, John Whitney, Polly Baird. Filmed in widescreen with excellent steady picture and sound. Colors are sharp and vivid. Excellent filming conditions resulted in a perfect capture - not a single cover-up. Curtain call filmed. Excellent cast. John and Marni have wonderful chemistry and the video itself is beautiful. I highly reccomend this show.
Rating: A+

5/12/08 ~ Broadway: Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Loyacano, Jeremy Stolle (u/s Raoul), George Lee Andrews, David Cryer, Rebecca Judd, Evan Harrington, Heather McFadden, Katie Banks, Chris Bohannon, Harriet Clark. Great performances from all. Very brief cover ups!
Rating: A

8/12/08 ~ Broadway: Jennifer Hope Wills, Howard McGillin, Tim Martin Gleason, George Lee Andrews, David Cryer, Rebecca Judd, Evan Harrington, Polly Baird, Dara Adler, Chris Bohannon. Great cast overall! Jennifer is my favorite Christine and Gary is great! Would've been an excellent dvd if it wasn't so shaky. Like really shaky. Unless your a total Phantom fan like me, I wouldn't reccomend it because you might get sick in the process of watching it. Overall the capture is great though!
Rating: A-

9/2008 ~ West End, London: Ramin Karimloo (Phantom), Gina Beck (Christine), Simon Baiely (Raoul), Tori Jones (Meg Giry), Heather Jackson (Madame Giry), Kate Radmilovic (Carlotta), Rohan Tickell (Piangi), Barry James (Firmin), Gareth Snook (Andre). This is a beautifully shot widescreen dvd. The camera wanders sometimes (not that bad) and there is some spotlight washout, but it's extremely watchable! :) Gina is a joy to watch and Ramin is just fantastic! To my knowledge this is the most recent Phantom DVD. If anyone knows the exact date of this show and has proof, please contact me. I've heard it's both 9/9 and 9/20
I Highly reccomend this show!

10/31/10 ~ US Tour: Closing Night

10/2/11 ~ 25th Anniversary Concert ~ Royal Albert Hall: Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom, Sierra Boggess as Christine, Hadley Fraser as Raoul, Barry James as Monsieur Firman, Gareth Snook as Monsieur André, Liz Robertson as Madame Giry, Wendy Fergusson as Carlotta and Wynne Evans as Piangi. Guest appereance of Sarah Brightman, John Owen-Jones, Anthony Warlow, Colm Wilkinson and Michael Crawford. Amazing quality! The whole cast is phenomenal, and Wendy was exception considering she only had 2 days of rehearsals before the first show.